↓ Project

Bring back ReBoot as a trilogy of films, and develop ReBoot stories in other mediums such as comic books or web series.

↓ Team

Jeffrey Campbell (writer), Ale Aragón (pencils),Chris Studabaker (letters), Julian Lawrence (editor), Luis Geurrero (ink), Shaun Martens (art director), Diego Simeone (art: part 2), Franco Riesco (colours), Denis Suhopoljac (creative director)

↓ Background

Bringing back ReBoot the iconic Canadian CGI-animated action-adventure television series from the 90's is no easy task. The campaign produced several concepts for a film trilogy, accompanied by an active social network of die hard fans and produced the Paradigms Lost comic book. Picking up a PopVox award along the way.

It started with five teams at Rainmaker developing a reimagined ReBoot pitch. Once each team had their art direction and story completed, we created a social network that would enable 30 000 die hard ReBoot fans to vote on their favourite concept. The eventual winner was developed into a comic book.

"My format: Guardian; to mend and defend"

↓ Alternate Cover

This alternate cover has never been seen before. It features Gnosis as it slowly takes over mainframe.