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Art, Typography, Design


All of these projects are acomplished by pushing pixels around or drawing by hand. At my core I enjoy the design and creation process. It gives me the opportunity to tinker, explore and design through different mediums.


Bosnia & Herzegovina Flag

The flag sits on a blue backdrop representing neutrality and peace. Four white stripes represent the natural borders of Bosnia & Herzegovina – the Una, Drina, Sava rivers & the Adriatic Sea. The golden castle is the embodiment of the Gate of Bosnia and protection for the precious Lilium Bosniacum. Six petals facing this sun looking towards an enlightened and bright future.


Suho Display

Inspired by a childhood memory of the Sarajevo '84 Olympics, this display font with basic characters captures the suprematism and constructivism movements.


Art Comissions

In my spare time a good chunk of these art works are comissions. Most of my work is influenced by movies and television shows. However, at times my comissions can take on more sinister tones influenced by mythology and heavy metal music.


T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt design examples below are visual explorations that brought together a sense or acomplishment, culture and commmunity. They are born and drawn from scratch and vectorized with purpose.