↓ Unbounce Projects
2016 - 2020


Some projects are accomplished by pushing pixels, but most efforts were focused on maturing UX culture. At Unbounce, I spent most of my time on coaching, mentoring and guiding product designers.


Brand & Product Strategy

Shaped brand & product strategy that enabled Unbounce to establish clarity. It grounded everything we created and what we stood for as an organization. Design systems in turn enabled us to establish a set of building blocks at scale. It drove product consistency and ecouraged design evolution.

→ Brand Strategy [coming soon]
→ Product Strategy [coming soon]


Human-Centered Design

Built frameworks based on in depth user experience research and portrayed the fundamental needs of the customer. Established methodologies to foster solutions for specific problems systematically, collaboratively and with a clear north star.


Features & Experiments

Utilizing experience principles and user archetypes enabled teams to conceptualize, ideate and iterate. Built and tested solutions for specific problems systematically, collaboratively and in the shortest amount of time.

→ Industry Styled Layout [coming soon]
→ Smart Traffic [coming soon]