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Unbounce 2020


Everything we produce makes our customers become a better version of themselves, and thus, remarkable.


The Problem

Unbounce is a conversion intelligence platform that enables marketers to quickly create and optimize campaigns. Our core challenges were that we didn't have a single source of truth for all of our brand standards. Our content was getting a different treatment depending on experience. To make matters worse fundamental elements that prospects and customers were encountering, like voice, tone and design were not consistent across all of our properties.

Denis Suhopoljac (design director)
Cesar Martinez (art director)
Jennifer Pepper (content director)
Sabrina Chan (interactive designer)
Cecilia Martinez (interactive designer)
Sarah Gillis (product designer)
Hayley Mullen (copywriter)
Colin Loughran (copywriter)
and many more...

User Research
Buyer Research
Brand Design
Identity Design


The Approach

The brand guidelines were an outcome of research, ideation and conceptualization that spanned a quarter. We understood who we were and what we stood for as a business. We spent time understanding our target audience and their perception of us as well as our competitors. We knew that in order for us to evolve we needed to put our customer first. We took a human-centered approach and deployed several methods to frame our problem, conceptualize and ideate a multitude of solutions. Brand impression testing ensured that our final approach would resonate with our target audience.

We wanted to differentiate ourselves from our competition. We did not want to look like every saas business out there. We were consciously staying away from gradients, illustrations and trends. Unbounce is a platform that delivers results, thus we embraced the idea of performance and the embodiment of a remarkable marketer. In order to accomplish this we deployed several design thinking sessions while gathering customer feedback.


The Outcome

  • Alignment with copywriting, design, marketing and product teams on what a consistent brand experience is.
  • The brand guidelines and standards enabled all teams to craft experiences that had the same voice, tone and design across all properties. It encouraged creativity and design evolution.
  • Brand impression study validated our redefined brand standards as friendly, engaging and attractive due to its use of vibrant colours and original photography. 
  • This enabled marketing teams to ship a multitude of campaigns and our new website with plenty of stylistic variety, yet maintain cohesion.

— Denis Suhopoljac
Design Leadership @Asana
Previously @unbounce
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